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Concrete Surface

We know what it takes to get the floor you want and need. Hands down the most important part of a successful flooring system is the preparation and repair of the concrete substrate. Prepping before coating or polishing a concrete floor is accomplished through a combination of Diamond Grinding, Shot Blasting, Hand Grinding, Sanding, Scrubbing, Vacuuming and Joint Caulking to remove existing floor covering, dust and particles, to level and etch, and to repair all major cracks and chips. Preparation is essential to the strength, durability, aesthetics, and reliability of the floor. The best polishing team or epoxy floor coating solution will be unsuccessful without preparation by a skilled team. we utilize industrial grade equipment to remove and prepare the surface for any type of flooring application. If it’s a light grind to prepare for a floor coating or a complete overlay/sealer removal to get to solid concrete, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done right and on time.

Concrete Surface Prep

Tile / Flooring

Epoxy Floor Coatings require a slightly porous and very clean surface to adhere properly. The first steps in both coating and polishing projects include:

  • Removing residue, contaminants, older coatings
  • Removing carpet glue, tile mastics, and mortar beds
  • Carefully cleaning to remove dirt, grit, and debris
  • Leveling as necessary
  • Caulking joints, and filling cracks and pits based on the needs of the particular substrate


Should you reinstate your flooring the proper way the very first time, they’ll last for years to come. With thorough scarifying, shot blasting and grinding. The polished Concrete Guys can provide your flooring a brand new lease on existence.


Shot Blasting is a dust free preparation method when the floor is in need of major repairs or resurfacing. It’s a process of blasting a concrete surface with steel shot (small steel balls) at a high velocity. This removes markings, carpet or tile glues, or mortar beds. The result is a mechanical profile idea for bonding to a resinous coating. Industrial Applications has our own equipment to be able to prep tens of thousands of square feet of concrete a day. Shotblasting as a preparation method eliminates the use of harsh, non-eco-friendly chemicals and leaves the concrete floor with the desired profile. It can be performed indoors or outdoors and lends itself to efficient disposal of dust and other contaminants.


Cleaning and caulking joints is a critical step to protect the joints in your floor and give your floor a clean and finished look. Effective joint caulking protects sidewalls of the joints to keep them from deteriorating. If joints are not caulked, dirt and debris are allowed to get trapped making them more difficult to clean. Joint caulking is designed to accommodate the expansion and contraction of concrete slabs. If joints are seriously damaged they will need a Joint Repair or complete Joint Rebuild.


To ensure your floor has a clean and finished look, cracks and pits must be repaired. Cracks can be expected in any concrete slab over time, but if left for an extended period of time, will worsen and become more difficult to repair. For very wide cracks, we remove any high material with a chipping hammer or jackhammer, then clean the area to create a solid surface to adhere to. We route out the crack, and expertly trowel the correct patch material until the area is completely patched. Narrower cracks are filled with a liquid patch materials. Our team will address all the substrate damage – expertly cleaning, assessing and repairing the integrity of your concrete slab.


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Robert Charles

3P Concrete Polishing truly lives up to their reputation of being extraordinary. The remarkable outcome they achieved on my ordinary home concrete floors left me astounded by their beauty. They surpassed all my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for all your concrete flooring requirements.

Kevin Wells

Staining my restaurant’s concrete was a game-changer. The remarkable finish exceeded expectations, impressing customers and fulfilling my dreams. I’m immensely grateful to the exceptional team for their professionalism and efficiency. Highly recommend their services to elevate any space with stained concrete.

Clifford Fortune

We strongly recommend 3P Concrete Polishing for its excellent services. They were responsible for the flooring all through the recent renovations we carried out on our office building. They transformed our floors in an amazing way. They completed the project earlier than expected, and their talent is outstanding.




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